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Cable roll

  • Fixed torque motor type cable reel
  • Fixed torque motor type cable reel
Fixed torque motor type cable reelFixed torque motor type cable reel

Fixed torque motor type cable reel

  • Product no. : period locked-torque motor type
  • Shooting angle: 0 degrees
  • Video pixel: 600*400
  • Added time: 2019
  • Product description: Fixed torque motor type cable reel
A, host,

Parameters of long-term locked-in torque motor (with brake), special reducer (machine) and collector slip-ring box

1.1 cable tension from empty to full is constant, suitable for long-term low speed and inversion.
1.2. Different from ordinary motors, the blocking current is small and can be blocked and reversed for a long time.
1.3. The 8-10 hour lock rotation test takes place before assembly. Less than 65K increase in motor temperature; under thermal condition, the lock torque decreases by 5%.
The brake is composed of magnetic yoke, excitation coil, spring, brake disc, armature, magnetic wheel sleeve, manual release device and screw.
The brake is installed on the rear end cover of the motor, and the installation screw is adjusted to reach the appropriate air (gap) value. The motor drive shaft is connected with the brake disc by the gear sleeve.
The excitation coil connected to the rated voltage (DC) brake, electromagnetic force and armature, armature and the brake disc from (release), the motor shaft drive the brake disc normal operation, when the motor power, power brake at the same time, the spring compression armature, forced the brake disc and armature and the friction torque between the flange plate, fast shut down the motor shaft.
2. Power (signal) transmission
Collector slide ring box can be divided into power transmission and signal transmission, according to the voltage grade can be divided into 220V, 380V, 3KV, 6KV, 10KV and so on.
Ii. Capacity cable
Coil: can be divided into multi - row winding and single - row winding. For easy transportation, coil with diameter ≤3m is rectifier structure; >3m reel for assembly.
How electric reels work
The power part and the speed regulating part of the cable drum with long term locked-torque motor are undertaken by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical characteristics. Motor speed range, with soft mechanical, when the load changes, the motor's working speed changes correspondingly, that is, the load increases the speed decreases, the load decreases to rise. Moreover, the motor can run stably for a long time at any point on the mechanical characteristic curve of torque and speed, so it can ensure that the cable can obtain appropriate winding speed and tension at the corresponding radius of the coil.
Notes for type selection
1. The installed height of the cable drum of this series is ≤3m. If the installed height is more than 3m, please contact our company to assist with the type selection.
2. Cable specification, cable length, installation height, running speed and other parameters must be noted when ordering.
3, single winding, the reel width W: to determinate the round cable 1.1 times Φ wide, flat cable is 1.2 times the width.
4. For the cable reel used for control, the total length of the reel shall be increased by 25mm for each additional phase.

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