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Cable roll

  • Torque motor type low voltage cable reel
Torque motor type low voltage cable reel

Torque motor type low voltage cable reel

  • Product no. : torque motor type low voltage
  • Shooting angle: 0 degrees
  • Video pixel: 600*400
  • Added time: 2019
  • Product description: Torque motor type low voltage cable reel
Dimension drawing

1.M1 is the running motor of the running equipment

2.KM1 and KM2 are positive and reverse contactors

3. Km1-1 and km2-1 are normally open contacts

JT series cable drum

JT series cable drum is one of the fist products of our company, which is powered by cochlear coil spring and USES spring to store energy and automatically coil cable. It has the characteristics of simple power supply, safe and reliable operation and moderate cable stress. There are three kinds of structures: internal sliding ring, external sliding ring and cantilever. The wreath has compact structure and beautiful appearance. External sliding ring type for easy maintenance; The cantilever type is suitable for winding long heavy cables.

Structural features: 1, the use of nest coil spring as power, no electricity consumption, reliable work; 2, using collector sliding ring - carbon brush structure to transfer electric energy, reliable work; 3. The reversible structure is set to prevent the spring from being broken due to the reversal of the reel.
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