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  • Hysteresis cable reel
Hysteresis cable reel

Hysteresis cable reel

  • Product description: Hysteresis cable reel
Hysteresis cable drum is a drum device that transfers power supply or control signal between two relative moving bodies for large mobile lifting equipment. It is widely used in port portal cranes. Container crane. Heavy machinery and equipment under similar conditions such as ship loaders, tower cranes, etc.

Hysteresis type cable reel is the ideal winding equipment in the cable winding device, it has to do with the commonly used heavy hammer type, torque motor type cable reel, compared with full functions, easy installation, the approximate constant tension, can adjust the output torque according to actual working condition requirements, and have good since the brake function, without brake installation, reliable operation, the cable drum can long-term plugging turn without damage.

Hysteresis power cable reel

Hysteresis power cable reel

The working principle of

Hysteresis power cable drum consists of three - phase asynchronous motor, single - phase bearing, hysteresis coupler, speed reducer and coil. When the electrical equipment moves away from the power point, the external force drags the cable to overcome the hysteresis coupling hysteresis torque. At this time, the hysteresis coupler produces a slip (one-way bearing ACTS as brake), thus releasing the cable from the cable reel. When the electrical equipment returns to the power point, the asynchronous motor drives the one-way bearing and hysteresis coupler, amplifies the power through the reducer and drives the coil coil to collect the cable.

Selection of instructions

The type selection of hysteresis power cable reel is related to many factors. In order to make the type selection quick, reasonable and economical, please provide the following parameters when ordering:

1. Operating speed of electrical equipment

2. Reel installation height (operating distance of electrical equipment)

3. Take-up cable length (operating distance of electrical equipment)

4. Direction of rotation (turn left or right)

5. Whether limit switch is needed
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