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Dry rectifier Transformer

  • Dry three-phase rectifier transformer
Dry three-phase rectifier transformer

Dry three-phase rectifier transformer

  • Product description: Dry three-phase rectifier transformer
Dry rectifier transformer
ZSG series three-phase rectifier transformers are commonly used for indoor air self-cooling, electrolysis, electroplating, non-ferrous metal smelting, industrial and mining electric traffic, etc. The rectifier transformer series is used as the main transformer before the rectification network.
The iron core of this series is made of high-quality grain oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and the iron column and iron yoke are round or rectangular sections with multiple steps. The coil is wound by copper wire or copper foil. According to the difference of capacity, voltage and current, the primary coil is divided into a cylindrical winding or a pie winding, the secondary winding is divided into a spiral winding or a continuous winding, and the primary and secondary coils are The outlet is led to a fixed terminal block or a copper busbar. The insulation class is divided into B, F and H.
The product is divided into open and protective, and the protective type needs to be covered.
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